Tactical – Mind Strategies For Humans

Tactical – Mind Strategies For Humans


In this course, we will focus on developing a dominating mental acuity that will crush fear, despair, and distraction and move emotional drama out of your path.

This is a free self-help course. You will not be required to participate with other students or MarshHare as you survey the course. However, engagement is recommended. By engaging with others as they grow, you will not only help yourself stay on a good path, but you will assist others in their walk.



There is no homework, there are no tests. However, you will gain the most from this course by performing the suggested tasks.

Suggested tasks in this course (beyond reading the course pages) will include listening to audio, engaging with others in their life plans, prayer, reading the Bible, and commenting on the Facebook page. This list of tasks will require basic self-discipline.


You will gain the most benefit by participating with people that you are already close to, who live near you or have a significant influence on your life. If there is no one that fits these criteria, feel free to reach out to Marsh (the author) or other students as they present themselves on the Facebook page.

As with all of my work, I do not assume it is the supreme truth, or that I am more right than anyone else. I am simply sharing what I know based on my experience and training. If you feel that it is beneath you, please consider contributing to the work by contacting Marsh for more details.


The first section will get your mind and emotions wrapped around some basic concepts in order to move forward. I encourage you to engage in section one as long as it takes for it to sink in. This should be anywhere between a few days and a couple of weeks. If it takes longer than two weeks and you still feel the same as you did before, you can move on to the next section with the idea of going back to section one to recover what you did not gain the first time.


I will stress community involvement and personal dedication. At least put half as much effort into it as I did by making it available. We are both learning and growing, let’s make the most of it by sharing and caring. You are encouraged to take this course extremely seriously.

I anticipate great results for all of us. Be blessed and be engaged.


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